Anne BPJ 2009 Face PaintingFace Painting or Nose Painting?

Please  pray for the families that come to the party. Also,  we need your  help with gifts for their children, or funds for the party expenses, ie: the dinner, gifts,  gift wrapping and supplies, printing and mailing expense, door prizes,  and etc.

If you would like to help,  please drop your gifts off by December 24th at the new location of Another Man’s Treasure at 2550 Regency Road, (between Moore Drive and Dennis Drive), WJMM Station on Versailles Road, or Oak Factory Outlet in Brannon Crossing. Financial gifts can be given through PayPal at the bottom of the page, even with your credit card if you do not have an account with PayPal, or send to Sonshine Ministries, P.O. Box 24703, Lexington, Kentucky 40524-4703.

I pray you will be blessed back, pressed down  and running over for helping these needy families.