Christmas Application


2014 Information for Families applying for Christmas help:

To qualify for Christmas help from Sonshine you must have:

1. A majority of children 12 and under.
2. Have a legitimate need for help.
3. Not signed up anywhere else for Christmas help.
4. You and your children are able to attend the party on the 14th of December
5. Have not attended our Christmas party in the last five years.

We have limited space so applications are considered on first ones submitted.

A link to the application is below.  Please fill out BOTH FULL PAGES  of the application.  Be sure and scroll down and complete the first page with you signature. The second page of the application is for you to share the interest of your children in order for us to pick gifts that they would enjoy.

If you qualify for help from Sonshine Ministries, you will be contacted and will receive an invitation to our Birthday Party for Jesus. There will be a dinner, puppets for the children, music, entertainment and gifts for the children. We also give a Christmas food basket to those who do not receive food stamps.

This party is mainly for children  12 and under,  but, if you have a majority of children under 12, meaning more under 12 than over 12, you will not be disqualified. We do not receive many gifts for teenagers, consequently we give few. All of the immediate family in your household  is invited as it is a celebration for the whole family.

Keep in mind that we do not give “expensive” gifts like computes, bicycles, etc. as all of our gifts are bought and donated by church families.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: