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Rev. Anne Stephens Founder/Director

Rev. Anne Stephens


Sonshine Ministries & Evangelistic Outreach, Inc. was created in 1986 to evangelize the unbeliever, help the poor, and feed the Saints.

A Brief History of Sonshine Ministries: Sonshine began in 1986 by having a Monday night service at the Salvation Army.  GOD  called me into the ministry in 1982  and I spent the next three years back in school to prepare.  But, HE was not specific about what  ministry I was called too.  It was apparent that I was an evangelist, because I told everyone I came in contact with about JESUS and HIS love.  So, while I was waiting on GOD to show me the exact ministry, I was invited to sing at a new service starting at the Salvation Army by Lou Glenn.   Within months I was preaching every other week, and then after a year Glenn had to leave because of  job expectations, and I stayed for the next four years.  The very first night I was there my heart broke as I was leaving to go home to my nice home while they had to stay and sleep on cots.  I went back during the day and picked up one at a time and tried to meet their needs of housing, jobs, etc.  Christmas was such a joy as we were able to give gifts to the adults and children  we ministered to.

In 1989 we were given a building to use by Woodland Baptist Church on High Street.  We were able to have a food pantry clothing and household item bank, and now the homeless, working poor, disabled and the elderly were coming to us.  We presented the gospel to everyone that came to the mission, one on one.   Over a thousand people asked Jesus into their hearts.  PTL!!!    We eventually moved to 155 North Ashland Avenue, donated for our use by Ashland Avenue Baptist, and we continued doing the same ministries.  December was the most exciting at both Mission.  Supporters brought gifts for the children and parent that we had ministered to throughout the year.  The day of giving the gifts was  full of Christmas music, homemade cookies (made by supporters) along with bags of toys for the children and a gift for the parents.

The radio program, “Sonshine Today”, also started in 1989.   The LORD spoke to my heart to start it and within three weeks I was on and even had a sponsors.  Two of the Board members sponsored the radio program for five years. We wouldn’t be on today without their help in building up a base. I had never even thought about radio let alone know how to do it.  Truly, in HIS weakness we are made strong.  We are still on WJMM, 99.1 F.M. on Saturday at 10:00 A.M. and an encore on Sundays at 5:30 A.M.  Mostly I interview people about the many wonderful things GOD has done in their lives.  I am blessed to bring through radio all the wonderful testimonies of answers to prayer, miraculous protection, healings, timely financial help, etc.  I also teach some of the many lessons God taught me in the thirty-four years of walking with HIM.

We are now in-between building, but we are continuing our love, and physical help for the needy through the internet and the telephone.  Strangely, but delightfully we have been able to lead some to salvation on the phone, and have even had healings.  We also counsel with them on the phone and have seen changes in their lives.  We are looking for a building or offices to continue the Mission.

Our Birthday Party for Jesus started in 1994 and this year will be our 20th.  The party gives us an opportunity to show the love of JESUS to over two hundred and to entertain them with the true meaning of Christmas. Puppets from Eastland Church of God, entertain the children,  but the words and music not only are fun, but are helping the children to know who Jesus really is We give an abundance of gifts for the children and a gift for the parents.  Last year over forty children asked JESUS into their heart and received a “Certificate of New Birth”, plus a Bible. Young children approximately four and under that ask Him into their hearts but may not know exactly what they have done, are given a “Certificate of Interest”.   It is a great undertaking for all of us, and worth every minute of the work.

Thank you and many blessings to all of you.